Smartphones and similar devices have become a part of our lives, whether we like it or not. Technology has spread across the world and with it the need to stay in contact has never been easier. As we constantly stare into bright screen of details, it becomes clear that something else is being lost, our posture.

We’ve all been there, looking down at the smartphone as we walk, work, and run errands. The forward movement of the head and lurching neck seems to be the new fashion for just about everyone with devices. Unfortunately, it’s more than just a style; this is a serious condition that can damage posture forever if improperly dealt with. “Text Neck” may sound like a joke, but it actually refers to a medical condition. The explanation for this change in posture comes from pressure on the spine, specifically the lower cervical area.

To understand the most common explanation for “text next”, look no further than your head. An adult’s head can weight up to 14 pounds on average. A body is made to hold the head above the shoulders with the help of the trapezius muscles. On a good day and under normal circumstances, those muscles are free from excessive stress; this detail can lead to everything from muscle spasms to arthritis as the neck changes position. Living with “text neck” also has the possibility to become something worse as the neck straightens out and loses its curve. At that point, you’re dealing with something known as “military neck.”

With all these issues at play, it’s important to take care of yourself. A chiropractor can help you deal with even the most severe cases by utilizing tailored programs to address the problem. With the right steps in place, what has become a problem may fade away as natural curvature is restored.